Data Retention System thumb

Data Retention System

Data Retention System is designed to retain and store business data in various formats, utilising a highly customisable flexible workflow that searches and locates data in seconds and delivers an instant acknowledgement.

Data Analytics System thumb

Data Analytics System

Our Data Analytics System is leading the industry with highly sophisticated big data capabilities, which is seamlessly able to analyze across datasets to discover correlations.

DeepProbe® Data Acquisition Appliances thumb

DeepProbe® Data Acquisition Appliances

DeepProbe is a multi use smart network product. DeepProbe incorporates intelligent deep packet inspection and application decoding scalable from rough to fine traffic visibility with configurable alerting on user defined network events in real time.

NeuString Retail Roaming thumb

NeuString Retail Roaming

Our NeuString Retail Roaming solution enables Mobile Operators to better understand every action of each outbound roaming subscriber and to tailor roaming subscriptions and price plans according to individual preferences.

NeuString Wholesale Roaming thumb

NeuString Wholesale Roaming

Our NeuString Wholesale Roaming solution helps identify problem areas and potential improvements and allows users to test the impact of such activities. Our solution offers a superior turnaround time for greater predictive customer insights into margins, usage and returns.

NeuString Online thumb

NeuString Online

Our NeuString Online solution provides the Mobile Operator with a powerful overview and simultaneous flexibility to drill down through detailed aspects of their roaming business.


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